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Newsflash! Just looking in on the old website. It's now fall/winter 1999, and I'm in London, feeling chilly at the onset of winter which seems to have suddenly come in upon me after a heady two months of wedding preparations, business plans and a group honeymoon.

Go to the candid shots directory and the posed shots directory for pictures of the big event that brought together families on either side of the Pacific!

Latest batch of photos the black and white photos taken by ken tay and more to come later..

For an extremely biased account of how we came together you can do no better than to go to Eric's proposal

Updates for Summer 1999!

The gist: Finished first year of grad school, got married and moved to London.

BUT if you are reading this page then you are probably also invited to Wedding Part 2, in Singapore.


  • Photo Day:October 28th, 1999
  • Wedding Day:October 30th, 1999
  • 9am: Groom's humiliation ceremony involving acts of courage and payouts to bride's family and friends. Takes place at 11, Binjai Hill.
  • 11am: Tea Ceremony at Brunei Suite, Goodwood Hotel, if all goes well with previous item.
  • Afternoon: Chill and recover from exertions of the morning.
  • Dinner: 7.30pm, in a tent at the hotel.
  • Da nce: 10pm, same tent at the hotel.
  • Be there or miss some fun dances and reunions. Email me if you want to come!

    [Sing, Andrew, Hsien and 
Eric at Youth Park]

    A bit of history: Before I came to New York, I lived in Singapore (take a look in my photo album for some images of home) and worked there as a journalist at The Straits Times. It was a lot of fun, and I like being a journalist - I had finally found a job that lets me be a kay-poh and get paid for it. I enjoyed reporting on legal affairs but felt I needed a change after four years so I took two years off and went back to school.

    So there I was, a graduate student at Columbia University, at the School of Public and International Affairs (SIPA) all set to change my life and do new things. I was going to concentrate on International Media, and after that who knew? Things, however, never quite turn out the way you plan.

    Before I had left Singapore I had become something of a swing dance fanatic. To cut a long story short, when I told my dance partner Eric that I was leaving for New York, he decided he would go with me. Several months later he suggested we get married. He also got a job offer to work in London. Not being keen to spend time apart we decided that after my first year, I would take six months off from school and return to New York in January next year. I would spend the time in London interning with Extropia, an open source software company which provides custom design applications.

    [Eric sweeps me off my feet at Nik's wedding]

    On June 1 we got married in LA, where Eric grew up. My parents, my brother, and Eric's parents and about 30 relatives all attended the reception. Since then I have been adjusting to the idea of being Mrs Tachibana!!

    Here are a few of the things I have been working on...

    Here are some things I'm involved with...

    And email me if you have comments. I'd love to hear from you.