by Barnaby Fell

Listen to every sound of sensuality
and listen to us crave each others
and everybody shakes
Listen to every word of strife
in dreams as well as life
going for the nearest thing to take
put us where we are
and put you where you'll break

***The light in your eyes
is worth more than a thousand pictures
hanging on a fragile wall
and the visions that you dream
and the words that you mean
will stay with me long after
cities fall

I dreamt we held each other on
an ocean shore
the waves washed us out to sea
we didn't let go
and in the dream we never let go


Fell into this hard world
the year after you left me
stood up and looked around
to find out who stood with me
let the gutters rise
against those that detest me
let the gutters rise and
caress me
and the weak ones will pray
for a world they can live in

stick around for the calling
watch the gothic man peel his face
in the sand of the
beach of an ocean that is
and no-one can complain.


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