Song for Little Miss Bleeding Gums

(dedicated with endless love to all the insecure boys of the former Selena Sol)

now that we've done everything else
how'd you like to try and get together
my subtleties are lost in the wind
your colors change as quickly as the weather
i was such a simple little boy
i used to like to climb around the mountains
now just to leave my bedroom is a chore
to go hopping from my lady friends
to alcoholic fountains

are you tired of my cynical rhymes
the way i always take it from the bottom
well nothing ever changes my mind
that something deep inside is really rotten
you'll suffer as the talk of the town
while knowing all the while
my mind and body can't be sound
it amuses me to water them down
spitting venom all around me
what else can i say
i guess you really found me out

so tell me this -
when did my words begin to fail to bring delight
sometimes i like to play man of the hour
ridiculous acting so laid back
while trying to keep your men up in a tower
sometimes i like to play man of the hour

do you think you'd like to see me again
or maybe wait until i'm feeling better
you tried to get my number from a friend
she told me all about it in a letter
do you think that i could ever pretend
another chance with you
is now or never again
and believe to get me back on your shelf
all you'd ever have to do
is play is clever again
play it clever again

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