I was living at the bottom of a totem pole piss house
working for a big rat sewer fat shit mouse
barely scraping by
before my first band said goodbye
made rent on a telephone by the "Y"
somehow two lazy years went by
NRG never really got around to firing me
but when i went to work one day,
soon found they gave my phone away

rosarita had a drug store we didn't need a tour bus
encenata was a bar town, bankin on the five of us
tiajuana had a meat truck
she took me upstairs
she said: "te toma mucho tiempo para terminar"
i guess it's time to find another twenty bucks

i don't have your fuckin money
i don't have it

lady (505) i could've bought a ride
i could've bought a ride
lady (505)
instead of feeding pacbell all my cash
just once a month now, open wide
instead of all those worthless conversations
you used to rip my spirit wide


oh how i love the ways of the music industry
sit back in a blissful daze when i think of what it's done for me
can't hide how i'm mystified by the music industry
oh how i love the ways of the music industry

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