Forgiving Is...

I was born in the shadow of a man (J.M.)
singin "who the fuck cares when you break those rules?
your face fades when you see me coming
now i dance on bodies cause you made me cruel"
he wouldn't really fuck with me today
i haven't got a god damn thing to say to you two
like what do you do
what's your sign
and i wonder have you ever seen a dodgers game
i looked you over, we're not the same

won't you please forget about me

my thoughts turn sideways
i march right down to the corner store
i'm running out of time today
try to think of what i didn't want to do before
where's the mailman supposed to take my mail
i used to have a double bed
couldn't make three hundred for rent
so now i live in highland park instead
where sipping on a bottle of wind
is a must for the two of us
scream and cuss
the neighbors fuss
if i need to get around
i take a mother fuckin bus
landlady finally came with her counterpart male
by the time she did, i was drunk and pale
she said, "how much have you had to drink"
uh, how much beer?
well let me think
yeah i think i'll take my mail and go
three i lied, have a safe trip home
upstairs a toast without a blink
here's to another bottle of her rent money

won't you please forget about me
though you gave me something to see
though i gave you something to see
won't you please forget about me

i look a little younger to you
you look a little older to me
two without a clue of what's going on
now add your mom
and that makes three
how many women have i seen today
with the highschool smiles made to make me say:
i don't care about my reputation
i don't care about a graduation
and i don't care what you'd like to hear me say about temptation

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