Who's Gonna Get Me High

it is the time of day
for such a state of mind
duraka and jack
until seven thirty five
when in this town i've nothing left
look around nothing to lose
comes a time try to find a line
on a friend so i can choose

who is gonna get me high

if your friends aren't kind like mine then forget it
you gotta take one day at a time, and you can get it
i used to have the clique that had it all
and i don't mean till eleven
now it seems all i ever fuckin hear
is, "i've gotta work at seven"
i don't wanna be the one to wonder why
so i wanna get high

i do what i want
it's easy to see
did i ever say that everyone
should be like me?
they can't leave it alone
can't let me be
am i paranoid or are they really lookin at me

the fbi and i
can't seem to see anything eye to eye
so i've got another plan in mind now
thanks to the goodie mob
on mtv
who's that peekin in the window
nobody now

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