by Barnaby Fell

On crooked face of Sorrow's twist
my wrecked but waiting blood-red lips
expect not feed flesh pale as paste
but wait while always wanting waste
won't come from waiting, though they've seen
such waste made of such long-kept dreams
which I have failed to keep from you
though hide them, try, I must and do
ripped lips fail at your feet.

Insipid hours of sleeplessness
fear nightmares sent by Nemisis,
not dreadful dreams you'd fancy send
my poisonous princess, pretend
it were that in my sleep I see
such shades of you still lingering
Ah, but far too dark and many shades
of stronger poisons I have saved
that dreams like these should fade

So now a crack in rose-red
shows insidious white
shade of this gentle smile
poised to grip and to bite
To rip deep through our frightful
unflourished affair
I'm too restless to bear
waiting for you to dare
But dear: If ever you desire dream
I'm dreaming of you
rest well
Pretending will be all to be
left yet for you to do

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