The Rhyme of Love and Cruelty

by Barnaby Fell

Lazy young wife
was the mother of none
but she gave birth to twins
and the girl was named Love
Cruelty, her brother
frail, sick, pale and sad
couldn't look to their mother,
so begged Sister's hand
By then she had grown
rather mean forher age
and her twin brother's frailty
brought out a rage
so she screamed and her slaps
stung his soft and pink face
and she ripped with her mouth
'till his blood soaked her face
then made cries of remorse
over what she had done
but of course no reply
came from Cruelty, the son

Love looked and she
was enchanted by he
such a beautiful baby
was Cruelty to see
and though pleasant to look at
she swallowed his hair
then dined well on the rest of him
stripping him bare
Every bite of his body
fed life to our Queen
who was soon then a woman
deliciously mean

In this way, to the day
Love lives gorgeous and strong
so to her brother within
inscribes every song
If you find your love lacking
particular flavor
add cruelty to find
a taste you will savor

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