lara love (part 2)

return of the thunderous
blood storm days
and corridors
and absent kisses
as you told her

this occurs to be
somewhat less difficult
or silence
the test
to be
so different
when faced
with absence

i'm the one
that paid

and even now
it still occurs
to me

a plaque
on which
she wrote
her only words
and i hold on
to this song
but not
to her

my endless days
have grown
from her
and thirty years
or more
won't be the difference
of wisdom

all of this
she said
in celebration
of the flesh?

when i start breathing
i want
beside me
but a poem
like a dream
to let my
all of this
in celebration of the flesh?

she sang
in harmony with me
a siren
without claws
i sang
all of this
in celebration of the flesh!

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