The Missing Poem

when my spiritual vacation
sometime after
i discovered
drinking in the morning
wasn't quite so bad
as acid
could be
when i was
if i would still be
by my mourning
for a woman
after seven years
had passed
without a single word
as they most surely have

now after quitting drinking
i still find
myself alone
submerged in the absurd
by what i'm
to soberly confess
is i've of course
no concept
of your life
or maybe even
i am more than lacking
in this missing poem
as well as in the words
of seven poems
of asking for
your choice
of coffee shops
or restaurants
or more or less
on how i've come
to shake myself
about the soul and head
in your sweet name

it's 3:15 a.m.
and i am unashamed
of my delirium
your gorgeous limbs
now safely covered
in your own bed

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