Reinstituationalized For Obvious Reasons

fuck this
fucking grammar shit
i'm reason fucking
fuckless loving
loving lustrous
mustering savvy
doesn't matter
sadness master
spineless nation
fall around
the toothless master
as the tears fall
so will plaster

i'm a wasted
land of virtues
hair in hand
how do you do?
i'm fine and you?
let's fuck instead
i'm using you
to fuck the dead
i'll fuck you
right in two

this is the land
this is the hour
this isn't so much
a fuck
as it is
a ten year
fucking fuck-juice
so fuck me finally
finally fuck me
i'll die gladly
only once we've
finally fucked this
lovely fuckless
fucking lonely
love tradition:
i'm lonely
every god-damned christmas
such a lovely
day to turn
the key on me
and leave me
or we'll
fuck until we've
made me
feel as easy
as another
mother fucker
in love
god-damn me
i'm the one
in screaming need
for you to let me
pound you
think i'm restless now?
well hell
then fuck me to insanity
or you'd better be ready
and i mean instantly
to jolly-well mother fucking
straight jacket and lock me down

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