Ya No Puedo Regresar

a statuesque
of expressions
and reactions
in the shining eyes
within a face
above a body
all the accidentals
accidentally plucking
my desires
as to why
my life
would place you
where i've been
bare to life
too long
so never have i had a reason
not to want to never strip again
and hang my heart
to choke and suffocate
for fear
of lonliness
when it's this seldom
i am not
i am the only one
to claim
my life
into which
you have
looked across
a circle
knowing nothing
of my crucible
while self-control
infuriates me
i've no place
to go
my control
or else
it's here
where i may claim
my life
will always be the same
or maybe
i'm to romanticize
a knight
whose pained and cruel desire
will always shine
as tame
to everybody's eyes
but in my dreams
seldom to yours
and in my heart
never to mine

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