My American friend Henry fucked Irma, Carmen, Sandra, Claudia, Selena. Then Teresa, (another) Selena, Monica; and I'd been seeing the second Selena right up until he gave her a better offer than I could or would afford one night and he actually gave me a shameless wink and a punch on the arm on his way out with her.

Couple weeks later, I'm stuck on Irma and he's got five more names in his past and I finally ask him why he thinks he needs to do the whole lot of them including the fat or otherwise unsightly ones, to which Henry replied, "It's the only way I can keep from falling in love."

And now Selena's actually acting jealous about my fancying Irma, and Irma doing me for free. It seems like a play of some sort. It's more comedic than tragic, though I'm a bit sad at the moment.

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