Webgrrls.com - The review

This website has been around since 1995, and one of the earliest to target itself at women. It's founder, Aliza Sherman, started it when she found that the existing websites at the time were mostly targeted men.

It is a handy networking tool for women in New York, as it is also the website for Webgrrls, the networking club that meets regularly in soho to exhange contacts and meet. The concept was so popular that it has spawned different chapters all over the country.

Webgrrls' members can also be contacted through links on the site, though a check showed some of these links needed updating. The website is undergoing some changes, which are expected to be implemented next month.

Sherman heads Cybergrrl, Inc, which runs Webgrrls.com. Besides it also supporting the networking and global resource of Webgrrls, it also runs Cybergrrl.com, an on-line magazine for women, and also the women-oriented searchable database of sites at Femina.com, all linked to Webgrrls.

The success of the site has spawned other projects. Said Sherman: "We've got one book out right now - "Cybergrrl: A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web" and we're gearing up for another one. We're working with clients like Jane Magazine and the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations on their websites and marketing them online. We're developing online content for Clinique, Lifetime TV and others and also providing Internet oriented content to magazines such as SELF."