For the Record: A Littany for Gaia

Bless me Gaia, for I have lived. For better or worse, these things have I done in thy presence:

Picked my nose,
pissed in my clothes,
used every drug I could find both strong and mild.
And, as you know, I have lost a child.

I've Sodomized,
stolen in disguise,
lied to my best friend,
and had an affair while deeply and honestly in love.

I've cheated on an exam,
killed a man,
attempted suicide,
danced naked, perpetrated and spied.

struck out maliciously because i was intimidated

I've fled in terror, and cried myself to sleep.

For better or worse, these things have i done in thy presence.

I have laughed and embraced.

I have consoled.
I have counseled.

I have given, forgiven,
and I have loved with every ounce of my soul.

I have listened, protected, created and contemplated

Bless me Gaia for I have lived.

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