A Needle Thin Prick

A needle thin prick dripping red, my head
is spinning, grinning, dried eyes dyed pupil black
and I'm lying
Lying to remember what I'm doing this morning
and tomorrow
and Tomorrow, I'm going to the strip and bear myself
before staring, uncaring yous.
and you
and you make real the steel slick bullshit
I've lost in a needle thin prick
dripping red, red, red
you're in the red
in the mood, blued by a moon's reflection
which reins the spinning but trains you
guilty, guilty, guilty below
years of sifting it through
and lifting it to
your head the trigger cold against your faith.

that's my lie
that's my why I'm alone
in seconds it would drip from your walls and your mouth
or maybe just a sorry, sorry, sorry

I used to think love was the goal
and happiness the stole around my
neck, warming me, holding me
in silky company

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