Animals for Hire
Product Tester
If you have a high threshold for pain, product testing might be the job for you. The market is booming: Testing creates 3.5 million new jobs every year in France alone. On a typical day you might be placed in a vice, administered doses of poison and have chemicals spread all over your body, all to determine the safety of cosmetics and houshold products. Work-related accidents are the biggest drawback for product testers - every year, an estimated 200 million animals die on the job.
Once one accepts that there is something essentially different between a dog chasing after a stick and a stone plummeting to earth, then one will have a hard time in morally justifying for example, why a healthy dog is given lung cancer with tobacco smoke in order to prove something to a suicidal human who smokes forty cigarettes a day.

If you're the kind of female elephant who doesn't mind wearing iron chains and dragging teak logs from dusk till dawn, try forest cleaning. Avoid Thailand where black market loggers give elephants amphetamines, working them day and night until they drop dead from exhauistion.

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