"I am proud to see you, Jews together with Muslims and Christians, here. I am proud because that is what we used to have in Bosnia - and still have, in the parts of our country that we still hold. We are not only Muslims, as the UN often defines us. We are Bosnians all together. [Downtown
Bosnia] There are a vast number of Serbs living in Bosnian-held territories, sharing the same life and the same fate under aggression. They are Serbs shot by Serb snipers, Serbs committed to democracy shot by Serbs following a fascist ideology. Serbs are present in the Bosnian government; one of the commanders of the Bosnian army is a Serb. So don't believe in the UN's excuse for not acting. This is not a religious war. This is a war between fascism and democracy" - a survivor of the Bosnian holocaust.

Please take a moment to read The Bosnia Timeline, A Letter from Sarajevo and comments about what life is like during war from the people of Sarajevo. Then visit The Bosnia Homepage for current updates of the struggle and to found out what you can do. (Original Photo by Luc Delahey appearing in COLORS)