The Kurdish nation stands oppressed. The Kurdish nation endures the persecution, subjugation, and suppression of a plight unknown in the annals of history. For over seventy years the powers of evil and injustice have held sway in the land of Kurdistan. For over seventy years Kurdistan has been divided, partitioned, and separated into pieces that leave the so called "international borders" as a scar in the land of the Kurds. There is no comparison for this injury and pain. There is no remedy that can deal with this disease that has befallen the Kurds.

The Kurdish nation has dealt with such a plethora of abuse, that even Hitler would stand in awe. The Kurdish nation bleeds so profusely, that even the mountains turn red. For over seventy years Kurds have withstood the tyranny of a thousand generations. For over seventy years Kurdistan has become the prison of the Kurds. Death is an everyday occurrence and desolation a common sight. If not for the reality of the Kurds, one would think this was the world's worst nightmare.

The Kurdish nation has survived even when hope has died. The Kurdish nation lives even when life is dead. For over seventy years Kurdistan is the epitome of tragedy. For over seventy years, Kurdistan screams in the throws of death--yet no one listens. The world stands silent in the Kurdish torment and suffering. If not for the Kurds themselves, there would not even be one person to listen to these pleas.

The Kurdish nation asks the world to at least bear witness to this agony. The Kurdish nation suffers alone and there are no tears for their dead. If a million years passed, there would be no equal to this catastrophe.

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