"Ja, I like Bangkok very much. It's the last place in the world where you can still be a white man."
[Thai Prostitute] You're a young girl brought from Burma, you have been kidnapped or bought. You're terrified. You have no idea where you are, what country you're in, what's going to happen to you. If you haven't been raped along the way (or sometimes even if you have) you're immediately brought to the "Room of the Unveiling of the Virgin." There you are raped continuously - until you can no longer pass for a virgin. Then you are put to work.

These girls are bought for $400-$800. They're told they will have to earn this money back before they can leave the brothel. They're charged for all their clothes, food, and board and usually receive only 20 percent of the money they earn. In reality they often earn back four to five times what they owe before the managers tell them they're on their own. Once that happens the women are often no better off than before. They have no livelihood other than sex work, they have no home, and they've been stigmatized for life.

"She was terrorized and in terrible pain. I asked him why he did it. 'First of all we are very poor... she is still too young to get pregnant... she is very young... she will forget." - Thai father of his 12 year old daughter

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