Tibet - the roof of the world
For the past forty years Tibet has been forcibly annexed to China. In the process, over one million Tibetans have been murdered for their religious beliefs while all of the more than 6,000 Buddhist monasteries inside Tibet have been demolished. Tibetan Buddhism teaches non-violence but the Chinese government, having no respect for such beliefs has callously and violently oppressed the voice of the Tibetan people to such an extent that now they have chosen and are educating the next Panchen Lama - a most holy Lama - who will be a puppet for the Chinese government. If the sacred chain of Lamas is violated, the heart of Tibetan Buddhism will be broken.

Boycotting all Chinese goods is one way to register opposition to this oppression, especially when the goods themselves are likely to have been made in Chinese forced labour camps. But in these days of free-market corporate greed, our governments are in collusion with China - whose vast population is seen as ripe for exploitation. Heads of State are now trying to separate human rights from the market economy.

Orignial Text taken from Indigo

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