East Timor

A Portugese colony for 270 years, East Timor formed its first
       	   independent government on November 28, 1975.  Nine days later,
	   Indonesia invaded, eager to seize its vast oil resources and
	   worried that a free East Timor would encourage separatist
	   movements at home.  Indiscriminate killings, forced
	   resettlements, famine and bombings took 60,000 East Timorese
  	   lives in the first two months of the 1975 invasion - an
	   operation with the prior knowledge of the USA and Australia.
	   Over the last 20 years, Indonesia has wiped out 210,000 East
	   Timorese.  That's 1/3 of the population. Indonesian state
	   doctors (the only physicians in East Timor) have sterilized
	   thousands of unknowning Timorese women with injections of
	   Depo-Provera, a birth control serum.  Timorese schoolgirls have
	   reportedly received it as treatment for ailments as mundane as
	   headaches.  The idea is to wipe out the Timorese population
	   altogether and replace it with Indonesians.  Immigrants now
	   account for half of East Timor's population.

For more detailed information, please visit The Free East Timor Site. (As always, word to Colors magazine for print activism).